2016 Prophetic Word from Alain Caron: TERRITORIAL GAINS

The two words I hear for 2016 are TERRITORIAL GAINS.

From apostolic centres and ministry, we need to make territorial gains in 2 ways:

  1. One is by establishing outposts that can be non only classical church plants, but also home meetings and groups, or smaller meetings in diverse venues. I see along river banks series of these little fires.
  2. The second way to make territorial gains would be to constitute and send teams on the road. These teams will be beyond the already travelling ministers we have. They will come from the existing congregations: a guitar player, a few singers, a few prophetic people, a few intercessors, one or two than can preach, etc., small bands being dispatched for one-day regional missions, or more, setting the body on fire.

Making territorial gains is high on the Spirit world priorities.

Alain Caron