The Changing of the Guard


Here is a snapshot of what I heard:

1] 2016 will be a season of both a Joshua and a Jonah Generation.

a] Joshuas – both men n women. For those who carry the heart and spirit of a Joshua, in 2016 they will be found with a hunger n thirst for Intimacy with God. The Joshua we know of in Exodus 33:11 did not depart from the Tent of Meeting as Moses returned to the camp. He valued knowing God more than anything else. He had a hunger and thirst to know the Heart of God and desired an impartation of God’s Goodness in him. We saw the “Changing of the Guard” and Joshua being commissioned as the new leader to take the children of Israel into the Promised Land.

Gilgal [Joshua 5] became a place of Transitions and Transformation. This generation under Joshua’s leadership camped at Gilgal and was prepared for a transition in their hearts n minds. As well they were being transformed to become warriors to “go up and take possession” of their inheritance – the land promised by God. 2016 could be a time of Gilgal for us … transitions in our whole being and being transformed to become ‘new wineskins’ to receive the new wine for this new season and time.

b] Jonahs – both men n women. These will be those who know the Lord. They have made a commitment and even have a call on their lives. For various reasons they will depart from obeying the Lord like the original Jonah. Obedience to the Word of God and the Spirit of God is crucial in their lives. Running away is not an option although it may release some of the stress and anxiety they are under. God in His Goodness and Mercy is calling them back. His Grace, Love and Forgiveness if HUGE! Some will respond; others may not.

2] Changing of the Guard.

Two or so years ago, Rachel Hickson brought a message on the ‘Changing of the Guard.’ She saw the Lord placing mantles and anointings on the young n the old, men and women whose hearts and lives are being shaped by the Lord and emerging with “new wineskins” for the new season and times ahead [including 2016 and beyond]. They will be emerging as the new leadership for the new season and times to come alongside the Captain of the Lord’s host.

They are being trained by the Holy Spirit and are being prepared for battle. I Ray wrote an email on Dec 3rd: in the “Spirit” I felt Holy Spirit say: “there is a storm front coming from the enemy in the form of spiritual warfare. Glad Tidings is targeted for these reasons: 1] God’s Vision 2015 which has been cast and embraced by the GT family [in unity]; 2] the scores of new salvations with people submitting to Jesus every Sunday ; 3] the focus of entering into a relationship of intimacy with Holy Spirit; and, 4] through Growth Track followers of Jesus Christ are finding their identity in Jesus and gifting for Love and Service, glorying Abba Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.”

So what will this spiritual warfare look like? Since Satan does not have any wisdom [the Fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom; and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding], he will use time-tested weapons of personal and mass destruction. They are; anxiety, stress, disunity between leaders n their spouses n families, misunderstandings by members n congregation, even, rumblings and lies, etc. He will cause harm – physical and psychological – where ever he can. His mission is to kill, steal and destroy any reflection and reality of God’s Grace and Goodness in us.

In closing, the writer below states that in the prophecy below … there will be earthquakes, etc. We just had an earthquake in the region of Victoria two nights ago. In the St. Louis area, the grand Mississippi River is flooding a wide area where over 32 million Americans have been evacuated and many millions of homes and businesses are now under water.

And the Good News is… Ps 91! As we “dwell under the shelter of the Most High and abide in the shadow of the Almighty, He will be our refuge and our fortress. Question: what does 3 + 1 = 1 mean? I’ve been pondering this formula for awhile now. Sort of my creation. 3 = Father, Son n Holy Spirit. 1 = you, me, etc. So… Jesus said in John 14:23 that He and Father would make their abode with us. Jesus already asked Father for the Holy Spirit to be in us. Therefore… 3 [Them] plus 1 [you, me] = 1 [oneness in intimacy] … will be our armour and our Victory.


For your prayerful consideration,
Ray Mau