2016 Prophetic Words from Marc Brisebois


There is a prophetic battle brewing. Two key events speak to the underlying issues.  The first is the battle over the Keystone Pipeline. It represents the struggle as God seeks to establish pipelines carrying the Oil of His Presence.  The second is the significant drop in the price of oil.  These are prophetic events in that they reflect an unseen spiritual battle of greater magnitude.

The truth is God is building delivery systems. These are made to deliver the oil of the Spirit into cities and nations. Their success is connected to how we value oil. When we truly value this oil we will be willing to bear the cost of acquiring it. As such the Spirit of God has been challenging our measure of the significance of oil.Particularly the Holy Spirit brought our attention to the significance in the drop in oil prices. It was seen as a symptom of a devaluation of oil by the church. In particular it applies to Psalm 133.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is

For brethren to dwell together in unity!

It is like the precious oil upon the head,

Running down on the beard,

The beard of Aaron,

Running down on the edge of his garments.”

The oil is poured out when there is unity. It is not just any oil. This oil represents anointing for the priesthood – the work of the ministry! Our pursuit of unity demonstrates the relative importance of the oil. If we truly cherished the oil we would be far more resolute when it comes to division. The dropping price of oil was a reflection of value.

To this end the Lord is releasing intercession – a cry is rising for the oil of heaven.  Not to be lost in this, is the reality of Christ as the Anointed One. The intercession is not just for revival but for the well ‘oiled ones’ to arise.

As such there is spiritual agitation particularly focused on the delivery of oil. In the natural this warfare is reflected in the current battle over pipelines which are the ‘delivery systems’. While there are several battles over pipelines the only name which rang out was the Keystone Oil Pipeline. The name “Keystone” is also very significant.

The significance of the spiritual battle is that it is over the ‘Key-Stone’.  Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone! Which is to say the ‘key’ stone. He is the main stone – the primary stone. Furthermore the resistance to it is being waged from the political sphere.  It is not a question so much of logistics or economics – it is politics.

In the same way the church is presently wrestling with a political spirit. This is worth noting. While much of our training and warfare for the last 20 years has been about the Religious Spirit, the Political Spirit is coming into view. God is training a new generation. This generation is being prepared to overcome the Political Spirit.

This is a great enemy responsible for much of the discord in churches today. It immobilizes our advance through polarized dissension. If the Body of Christ can successfully survive the gauntlet of this attack, spiritual breakthrough will come. Spiritual pipelines filled with oil will manifest everywhere. The Keystone Pipeline is not only about the supply of natural energy, it also speaks of God’s supply of spiritual energy for the journey ahead.



The Holy Ghost has been found!

October 22, 2015 by Marc Brisebois

From time to time stories in the headlines reveal spiritually important developments and strategies. This particular story underscores something we have been sensing for a while. It is clear that the end days church will be the most glorious. However, far more glorious is the One who makes her shine – The Holy Ghost.

A recent archaeological discovery has unearthed an historically key English warship called ‘The Holy Ghost’. The ship, belonging to King Henry the 5th, has laid hidden for almost six hundred years. Read Full Story Here Named the Holy Ghost, this discovery echoes the impending manifestation of power and glory coming upon the people of God.

The story caught my attention for 3 reasons. The first is the obviously prophetic title which underscores a sense of increase in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The second is the fact that historically it is defined as a ship which ‘wrought bloody mayhem on our oldest enemy’. The third was the fact that this ship was captured and refitted to serve the King of England.

The summary for me begins by saying the Holy Ghost is defining the power of grace as never before. He is standing starkly against a backdrop of failed human enterprises and our confidence in what He is able and will to do, is growing by leaps and bounds. Furthermore He is rising to wreak bloody mayhem on our oldest enemy. But more than that, there is hidden significance in the history of this ship. The full story reveals the ship was actually a war trophy. It was captured from Spain in 1413 after which it was refitted and renamed.

It all reminds me of a word from a number of years ago released by a well-known prophet concerning war trophies. The heart of the word suggested that many weapons destined to destroy the works of the enemy had been captured and used against the church. The word essentially prophesied a time when a generation would recover these weapons to wreak havoc on the enemy. This prophetic storyline is a foreshadowing of this truth and resonates with in our hearts.My prayer is that we could rediscover the hidden power of the Holy Ghost. That we would see the Spirit of God would rise upon His people with awesome might and show the full breadth of His abilities. Rise and glorify our God, Oh Holy Ghost!