• Founder and Leader: Stacey Campbell


  • CPC Prayer Representavie: Sara Maynard


  • Patricia King
  • Wesley Campbell
  • Rob Parker
  • David Kalamen
  • Lina & Guilio Gabeli


  • British Columbia: Art Lucier
  • Alberta: Marc Brisebois
  • Saskatchewan: Femi and Remi Ogunrinde
  • Manitoba: Keith Miners and Randy Wengel
  • Ontario: Patricia Bootsma
  • Quebec: Charlie Robinson
  • PEI: Bob and Sharon Parkes
  • Nunavut: Charlie Inuarak & Qalingo Tookalak



STACEY CAMPBELL – CPC Founder & Leader

Stacey Campbell speaks with a prophetic voice to this generation and has a passion to teach believers to know how to hear the voice of God through proper teaching and strong values. She is the founder and facilitator of the Canadian Prophetic Council, and serves as an honorary member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, presided over by Dr. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs. Stacey has been ordained by Dr. Bill Hammond and is on the apostolic team of Harvest International Ministries (H.I.M.) under Che Ahn. Stacey and her husband Wesley, are founders of ‘Praying The Bible International and “Be A Hero” to promote the cause of social justice world-wide Stacey is together with her husband Wesley part of the apostolic team of Kelowna Christian Center. The Campbell’s live with their five children in Kelowna, B.C, Canada.


FAYTENE KRYSKOW – Youth Represenative

Faytene Krysknow has been in full-time not for profit, and. Christian service since 1997. Over the past 10yrs she has served extensively on the inner-city streets of Vancouver leading and establishing multiple programs and outreaches to serve the poor, homeless and/or addicted. She also served in West Africa for a 7 month term in a rescue mission for malnourished children. During this time she planted a church, established a mercy ministry that is thriving to this day and saw several hundreds of people healed, delivered and come to Christ. Most recently, Faytene’s focus has been on Canada. She travels extensively teaching and exhorting the Body of Christ to be salt and light in the earth, to carry the fragrance of Christ and to live their lives to the max. She has written 2 books, recorded several CDs and produced several art pieces.



Sara Maynard – CPC National Prayer Representative

Sara Maynard is a national prayer leader committed to serve the intercessors of Canada, calling them to rise up in authority, maturity and unity-for the sake of revival. For over 16 years Sara has birthed and led prayer ministries in the Vancouver region & nationally. She is currently serving as the founder and director of Cityscape Prayer Ministries, a national ministry focused on equipping and uniting city-based intercession teams for breakthrough. She is a pioneer, a builder & a gifted teacher, with a passion for mentoring & coaching emerging leaders. Sara is married and have three awesome sons.



Patricia King

Patricia King is a passionate, prophetic personality who is the President of Christian Services Association (CSA) and host of Extreme Prophetic Television. She has had over 25 years of background as a Christian minister in conference speaking, prophetic service, church leadership, and television & radio appearances.

Patricia is an author of books, booklets and manuals and has produced many informative resources through the medias of tapes, videos, CD’s and DVD’s. Her reputation in the Christian community is world renowned. You will find her to be sincere, genuine, generous, honest, real, “cutting edge” along with controversial.


Rob Parker

Rob Parker moved with his wife from Vernon, B.C. to Ottawa in March 2004 to establish the National House of Prayer. Rob gave his heart to God while working as a paramedic on the oil rigs in Libya. Three years after Rob’s conversion, God put a desire in both his and Fran’s hearts to pursue full time studies with the goal of Christian service in some capacity. After their studies God led them back to Canada where they pastored in Victoria at Friendship Baptist church and then on to Vernon, B.C. serving at Community Baptist Church. After a gathering with watchmen for the nations, in July 1999, Rob was led to organize a team to prayer-walk from Calgary to Ottawa, ” Link Canada” lasted 73 days. Rob and his wife have a desire is to see intercessors and prayer movements from across Canada linked together and thus increasing the level of spiritual authority as we pray for national issues. After a gathering with watchmen for the nations, in July 1999, Rob was led to organize a team to prayer-walk from Calgary to Ottawa, ” Link Canada” lasted 73 days. Over a period of five years the reality of the call to see a national house of prayer in Ottawa became apparent Rob has been with Watchmen for the Nations since 1999.


David Kalaman

David Kalaman is a pastor’s son, born in Atlantic Canada. As a pastor’s son he saw the Church, its strengths and weaknesses, and developed a strong commitment to personal and ministry integrity. As an Atlantic boy who traveled across Canada, he developed a love for his nation, to see it rise to the height of its calling and impact the world with righteousness. He remain firmly committed to the purity and power of an authentic expression of Christianity. David Kalaman is living in Kelowna BC where he is lead the lead pastor of Kelowna Christian Center.


 Lina & Giulio Gabeli

Lina & Giulio Gabeli are the senior apostolic leaders of Westwood Community Church, Pastors Giulio and Lina have been building a vibrant international work that extends the Kingdom of God in the Vancouver region. From this apostolic base they both travel and minister nationally and internationally with a passion for transformation and releasing the people of God into the fullness of their destiny. The Gabelis welcome the Holy Spirit in His fullness, and are creating a dwelling place for the Presence of God, where healing, intercession, prophetic revelation, and worship thrive. They have three wonderful children and reside in Coquitlam, BC.


Wesley Campbell

Wesley Campbell has together with his wife Stacey been long time resident of the Okanagan Valley, pastoring in Kelowna for over 30 years. In 1986 they co-founded New Life Church, and shortly thereafter experienced a dramatic revival and move of the Holy Spirit. As a result of this revival, New Life grew to over a thousand members in 5 years. This revival also set in place a direction that ultimately connected Wesley and Stacey with John and Carrol Arnott and the Toronto Blessing. In the initial stages of the Toronto Blessing, Wesley and Stacey were regular conference speakers and also began to travel as part of the team of extension itinerate ministries. It was at that time that ‘RevivalNOW! Ministries’  was born, as Wesley and Stacey participated in over 50 national and international conferences per year from 1995 onward. Since that time, they have ministered in over 60 nations and continue to speak at 60 plus conferences a year. The Campbell’s continue to base in Kelowna.



CHARLIE ROBINSON – CPC Provincial Leader for Quebec
Charlie Robinson is a Canadian revivalist who releases the glory of God wherever he goes. His life is a testimony of how God can move supernaturally in the daily life of a believer. He ministers in a prophetic teaching anointing and has a strong call to help bring in the end-time harvest. He also has a passion to see prophetic intercessors raised up and encouraged in the Lord. Through his ministry, Golden Lions International, Charlie has seen tremendous breakthroughs and miracles in South East Asia , touching a number of nations in that part of the world.

Charlie ministers regularly with Todd Bentley at conferences, healing schools and crusades and is an itinerate minister with Fresh Fire Ministries. He is also a co-host on Patricia King ‘s Extreme Prophetic Television. Charlie resides in Mondtreal, with his wife Shirley and their son Samuel.


KAYLE MUMBY – – CPC Provincial Leader for Alberta

Kayle Mumby is a forerunner in ministry with current involvements in MyCanada, speaking engagements and Kingdom business ministry. At age 17 Kayle joined Randy Clark’s ministry, Global Awakening and traveled internationally, serving the ministry as an intern. He then attended the School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, graduating in 2001. Kayle returned to Canada with a desire to see his city and his nation revived and restored by the power of God. He participated in the first MyCanada Siege and has participated in every MyCanada event since then, assuming a leadership role within the movement. Kayle speaks to many youth groups and churches, stirring them to become motivated and activated in accordance with what God is doing both globally and in Canada at the present time.

A major new theme for the church in the 21st Century is marketplace ministry. Within this context Kayle is pioneering the Kingdom Advisory Group which serves businesses across Canada and in many nations of the world. The Kingdom Advisory Group steward’s intercession groups and provides timely prophetic insight for Kingdom minded businesses, helping them to fully partner with God in all areas of business. Kayle’s desire is to assist business owners as they raise up enterprises that impact the marketplace and society for God.


FEMI & REMI OGRUNDE – CPC Provincial Leader for Saskatchewan

Femi and Remi Ogunrinde are part of and leaders of an apostolic team of Elders based out of Lighthouse To All Nations Church and are Senior Pastors of the church. They are uniquely gifted to train, impart and activate saints into their membership giftings. Femi and Remi are conference speakers as well as itinerant preachers with a mandate and passion for revival and to see the gospel preached to light and to witness to the nations. They provide oversight for Regional Conferences and Convocations as well as consultation for a number of churches and ministries.

They travel internationally releasing the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus with signs and wonders following. They recently founded Witness To All Nations Inc. – an international ministry that serves as an apostolic resource/ equipping base for releasing Kingdom work globally for the purposes of transformation.


RANDY WENGEL- CPC Provincial Leader for Manitoba

Randy Wengel is from Winnipeg. He and his wife Lesile have three children, Chris, Connilea and Chad. They are pastors in Zion Apostolic Church in the inner city.. They have planted four other churches which include a Biker Church for Gang Members, a Spanish Church for a growing Spanish Community and an Aboriginal Church all of which function together in one building. They also have planted one other church on the other side of the city and oversee a few other churches as well in the province of Manitoba. One of our main passions at Zion Church is intercession and hearing what God is doing in this time.

Randy Wengel is involved with leading the city intercessors once a month and helping with the prophetic in our city as well as the province. He works with Watchmen for the Nation which is a national prophetic intercessory ministry. They are longing for a move of God in their city and nation and are exciting about joining with others who long for the same.


KEITH MINERS – CPC Provincial Leader for Manitoba

Keith Miners and his wife Pauline were both born and raised in England. He has a background in education but was called to the ministry in 1987 . Keith moved to Gateway Christian Community, Winnipeg in 1993 to help organize and strengthen their small group ministry. Since then he has helped develop the prophetic in the church by pastoring prophetic people and bringing understanding to prophetic ministry. Keith also serves as pastor of the King’s School and give leadership to the Rise Up!, Manitoba conferences and the Manitoba Prophetic Round table. Beyond the local church, Keith has been traveling to Africa and the U.K.

Keith’s prophetic anointing has grown significantly in recent years and he increasingly spends more time travelling, equipping the church in prophetic ministry and training teachers in Christ-centered education. Keith and Pauline have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.


PATRICIA BOOTSMA – CPC Provincial Leader for Ontario

Patricia Bootsma and her husband are the Senior Pastors of Jubilee Christian Fellowship in Stratford, On. Canada, a Partners in Harvest church closely linked with it’s daughter church, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. John and Patricia were Associate Pastors at TACF in Toronto for eight years where Patricia founded and pastored TACF’s Prophetic Team. Patricia travels locally and abroad inspiring hearts to know the Father’s love, awaken with passion for Jesus and walk intimately with the Holy Spirit.

Additionally she helps to equip the Bride of Christ to hear the voice of the Bridegroom, operate proficiently in the prophetic gifting with accompanying signs and wonders walking in both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. John and Patricia hosted an International School of the Prophets in the summer of 2005, which now is launching into other International locations. John and Patricia are the parents of six fabulous children.


ART LUCIER – CPC Leader for Northern British Columbia.

Art Lucier is the apostolic overseer of Kitimat Harvest Ministries International. and is a pastor togheter with his wife Heater. They believe in the verse, ‘With the high praises of God in their mouths, and a two-edged sword in their hands’ and in and demonstrate Spirit filled preaching, evangelism, worship leading, dancing, flagging and all the arts to some degree. They also believe that the whole gospel in not preached without signs and wonders. The Harvest Church is very youth minde, and see many teens come to their Saturday services and catch the fire!

They are raising up Joel’s Army! Reviver Ministries is a worship band that travels all over Canada! Art and Heather are both members of the CPC.


BOD AND SHARON  – CPC Leaders for Prince Edward Island

Bob and Sharon Parkes are ordained ministers with Christian International founded by Dr. Bill Hamon, and oversee the deliverance ministry of Christian International Network of Churches. They travel nationally and internationally training up deliverance teams in local churches. Their vision is to see deliverance restored to the Market Place and to the Church. They have recently published a manual, ‘Deliverance in the Market Place’, for Christians to use to set themselves and their businesses free.

The Parkes serve as elders at Christian International Family Church and co-labor with Pastors Tom and Jane Hamon and oversee the deliverance needs of CIFC and give training, impartation and oversight to the deliverance teams. They are also members of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers under C. Peter & Doris Wagner, convening Apostles. They are CPC leaders at Prince Edward Island.


CHARLIE INUARAK & QALINGO TOOKALAK for CPC Provincial Leader for Nunavut