Open Heavens Vol 1

Open Heavens Vol 1


Bob Jones, Lou Engle, Stacey Campbell and others

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The prophets are a unique group of people. Ezekiel said, “I saw visions of God!” Daniel prophesied to the leaders of three kingdoms and received visions and dreams that spanned four successive civilizations. John was able to peer into the future in a series of apocalyptic trances. Whether from staring into heaven or by predicting the future, the prophets have always given guidance to the people of God.

“Open Heavens Vol. 1,” Bob Jones, Todd Bentley, Lou Engle and Stacey Campbell relate their stories, visions, experiences and encounters with God and His angels. Listen as contemporary prophets and visionaries reveal what the Spirit is saying to us today. “Open Heavens Vol. 1” describes the calling of a prophet and relates visions of the end-time harvest. Whether it is a childhood visitation, a dream, or a vision, each experience is told succinctly with original soundtracks supporting each account. This volume also contains the amazing death and resurrection story of Bob Jones, revealing how Jesus sent him back to help prepare the Church for the billion-soul harvest. These supernatural stories will build your faith and build in you a greater desire to participate in what God is doing in the earth today!