Prophetic Intensive: Prophets & Seers

January 24, 25th 2019 


2 Dates · Jan 24 - Jan 25

Prophetic Intensive: Prophets & Seers

Healing Rooms of the Santa Maria Valley

Do you want to grow in understanding how God speaks to His people? Do you feel or sense things that you discover to be true, but you didn’t learn from natural knowledge? Do you know things before they happen? Are you a dreamer? We invite you to come and be equipped in the spiritual gifts of dreams and visions and prophecy. Join us January 24th & 25th for a Prophetic Intensive with Stacey Campbell, Julie Meyer, & Daryl Jon Crawford-Marshall who are all experienced teachers of prophetic gifts.

Come & receive instruction, impartation, and faith so you too can build up and encourage others! $29 to register in person or you can do it by extension for $29.00 via Live Stream. If you register in person, you will receive the live streaming for free.

Understanding the Times and Seasons

Jan 4-6, 2019


Stacey and Wesley in Calgary at the Canadian Oil Conference

January 9-10 2019


This event is hosting top leaders from Hollywood, from government, from business, and other spheres of influence!  We have people coming from all over the world: Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, USA, Canada – all to impart to you strategies for transforming your city, nation, and neighborhoods.

Stacey speaks at in New York at Alabaster Group

February 1-3


Stacey speaks at Bethel Prophetic Conference

Feb. 20-22